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Working with control

Schedule, Schedule, Schedule!!!

Hold on, don't go in yet. If you have no schedule, you have no program. Nobody can make changes on the fly, it has never been done. A schedule is the framework that sets up focus and a process of creating changes in your child's development. This is a simple but often overlooked step that can make or break a home-based program. Click here for more details on scheduling.

Now you need a room

A room is simply a place to be more focused. Much of this depends on the severity of your child and what you want for your child. It is often necessary, although not always, to lock the door (lock yourslef in with your child.) Watch my video on setting up your playroom.

What are you waiting for???

Go ahead, get in there. Are you sitting there saying, "I have no idea what I am doing and should wait for proper training?" No, no, no, you are only playing with your child and all children always benefit from playing with their parents, the specifics and expertise will come. It is the programs that never begin that are the issue.

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