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The Focused Expansion Program

The following is how we use the Focused Expanson Program for younger children. This service is for infants and toddlers and is considered a more intensive program to be run in a playroom setting at home. Parents are an integral part of the program and are coached, shadowed and provided modeling of the techniques. Using the program philosophy and literature, the core symptoms of autism are addressed. This mainly consists of a child's ability to engage and respond to others. This program has been most attractive and useful to families who are looking for something a little different than a classic DTI program. Although this may be an alternative with more play and spontaneity, it is still, very much, a behavioral intervention.

In addition to strategies, there is a strong environmental component to maximize a child's ability to engage. Playrooms are rid of any small objects and replaced with larger objects, such as bean bags and therapy balls. This sets up a strong emphasis on engaging children with two-person movement activities as opposed to objects. For further explanation click here to learn the "Ten Crucial Steps to Treating Young Children With Autism in Your Home."

 Growth in Interests – Inspire

  • Focus on: Person’s passions and interests
  • Expand on: Knowledge base and access

 Increase in adaptability – Create flexibility

  • Focus on: Person’s challenge, where they become stuck
  • Expand on: Person’s environment

Development in Communication

  • Focus on: Missing social skills
  • Expand on: What person could say or communication



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