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Ten Crucial Intervention Steps

Mon, Feb 3rd, 2014

1.     Schedule time with your child – You can’t run a program based on when you might have time.

2.     Room Set up – Designate and clean the room you are using. Replace all objects with large objects to increase contact with child. Video Demonstration.

3.     Attention Equation – Crying, anger, or screaming should not get attention of any sort. It’s okay to compassionate without giving attention.

4.     Body Position – Put your self in position to connect with your child -– Be in front of your child at all times. Video Demonstration.

5.     Emphasize process not just reinforcement – You will get the most out of your child before the reinforcement comes.

6.     Social Reinforcement –Reinforce with attention instead of objects.

7.     Focus on core social skills – Direct you time and attention towards what got your child the diagnosis in the first place and nothing else.

8.     Always ask for more- Challenge the child gradually but constantly.

9.     Become an integral part of the activity – There must be a need and a purpose to your being there.

10.  Set your expectations extremely high – It’s okay to be realistic but this doesn’t mean you have to lower your expectations.


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