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Curiosity and Scheduling: Two Simple Approaches

Mon, Nov 21st, 2011

After writing about scheduling for the past week I decided to bring these two together. As I love to speak about SIMPLE strategies, these two provide excellent examples.

A few weeks ago, I went into a cafe in New Haven to do some work. I like to get out of my home office and focus. An elderly woman started chatting with me about some art on the wall made by children. After chatting with her for a minute she not only revealed that she is a Ph.D in child development, but that she studied with Piaget."PIAGET??" I replied. "Yes, I'm 84 now and it was quite a few years ago. She told stories of being a student of Piaget and speaking french with her. After speaking to her for an hour I asked her what advice she would give when working with children. "Keep children curious" she answered. She elaborated how important keeping children curious is and how it is curious to their development. Simple, I thought, but aren't the most profound strategies and tips the simplest?

Scheduling is a simple approach in that it can be done on just about any level you want. It can be done on a precise and intensive level with exact days and times or on an informal level with post-it notes for the day. Either way, it is a means to distinguish from parenthood to program. Parenthood is a wonderful thing but is not about setting goals.

So what if you had only these two approaches in starting a program for your child on the spectrum? What would it look like? What would you do? Where would you begin? Please let me know if you have thoughts on these questions. You can post them on my Facebook page following the link on the home page.

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